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What do we do after working hard on preserving your wedding and family memories? After a week of family photo shoots at the beach, or at-home/studio sessions with our clients? We take more pictures, of course. Whether we are expanding our personal photo albums, attending events or family events, we always carry out cameras around! See what we have been up to - professionally and personally. 


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Steve and Gosia.

Izabela's Session: Beauty and Elegance

June  2014


Today I had the pleasure of working with Izabela...

We love to work on  fasion and portrait photo shoots. We invite women of all ages! It really doesn't matter how old you are because we know you are all beautiful and photogenic. We will capture it in our photos so you can admire a different you . May your friends and family envy you! 

We have several locations available: Trenton, Morrisville, photography

studio in Philadelphia or your home. Professional make up is also available

Book a session now! 

Audi quattro Cup - Llanerch Country Club

June  2014


Best Buddies, Audi Quatro Golf Cup held at Llanerch Country Club 



We are so thankful we have been a part of this event! Working for the community is always rewarding. If you or someone in your community is holding a charity social event, Contact Us to arrange coverage for this event.

Anie and Steve's Special Day

June  2014


Anie and Steve very lovely and a married couple now. We were so happy to be there for them, documenting their very special moments.  

For more photos of that special day, visit our Portfolio.